What you need to know before you order.

First, let’s start with the basics.

Digital Image

Whether you digitize your image, or you work with a certified photographer, a successful print begins with the best digital image to start with. You need the largest file the camera can make. We prefer TIFF or any RAW file to begin the proofing process. We can work with almost any file, if needed.


Next, let’s understand how size and proportion relate. More than likely, you’ll need to resize your image. And, your image may not resize to the proportion you expect it to. An example; a 5 x 7 image does not resize evenly into an 8 x 10, it is not the same proportion, cropping would be required.

Surface Finish

The surface of the paper or canvas can impact your image. When choosing Canvas finishes, Matte UV Coating is considerably softer and lower saturation than the High Gloss UV Coating. Paper texture and its subtleties can also enhance or detract from your image. We help you dial it in for the best effect!

Print Color

We want your image to look exactly the way you expect it to. We reproduce the color in your print as close as we can to the original, but we cannot guarantee every color will match exactly! Our philosophy is to capture the original intent of the piece while knowing some colors won’t perfectly translate.

Next, let’s understand how important proofing is. For professional artists, your image is critical. Does the print capture the same subtleties of the original, does it look right? Some basic questions get answered when you proof.


Please contact us to setup a proofing appointment.

Proof Pricing: $75 an Hour in 15 Minute Increments

For us, to achieve professional results, proofing is an integral part of the process. You’ll work directly with your color specialist to pull proofs off our calibrated system for approval while here, or ship them directly to you. You can see exactly how your image will look on your chosen substrate. Cool!

To proof with us you must first have your high quality image. Contact us if you need image capture. If you’re local, please bring the original art (if available) to your proofing appointment.

Long distance proofing can require additional time to approve.