Dear Clients & Friends,

In light of the COVID-19 virus we are adjusting our business practices to ensure a safe environment for our clients and our team. Whether we shut down the showroom or not, people are going to be cautious about going outside for a few months, and this may prolong the economic recovery, and our survivability! We simply can’t have that. We have three tracts we’re following to do everything we can to keep things moving on our end.

1) For in-person design at our showroom, we will be moving to an appointment only schedule. This will allow us to give you our undivided attention, sterilize in between appointments, and manage showroom safety. There is hand sanitizer at the front desk and we are managing airflow for airborne pathogens. When scheduling, you can plan for up to two hours working with our framing design team. For pickups of completed work, please call ahead of time so we can pull your work for a smooth hand-off. We are committed to staying open while we can safely do so.

2) We are expanding our online frame design capabilities dramatically. What does this mean? While we’ve always sent photos of design concepts through email, we are now going to implement a more robust set of multimedia tools so we can better connect with clients over the internet.  We can also help you print some wallpapers for your home. HD video streaming, hi res photography and even Face-time or Skype sessions if that’s what you’re comfortable with. All from our new online frame design area in our showroom. Proper lighting, full art view with frame corner samples, high resolution imagery, everything an online frame design studio needs! We’ll try to have this setup as soon as possible. Look for an announcement on our website in the next few days.

  • A quick note about your art for online design. The best case scenario we would be to have your piece brought in to our studio. If getting the piece is not an option then we would work from photos, or setup up a video chat session through your favorite app to work on a design with you.

3) In-home design. While we have always offered this concierge service, we are now promoting it as an option to those that don’t want to leave their home, or to those that don’t want to bring the piece in due to size or value. We start with a photo and come to you with a curated selection of frame designs and ideas. Call us for more info on this service.

Finally, as a craft-oriented company it is impossible for us to “work from home.” Our equipment is all very specific and in some cases, quite large. We are limited to doing most of our business at our location. We will be manning the stations for as long as possible and will certainly work our hardest to create stunning designs no matter how we connect.

We want you all to know how much we appreciate your friendship, your support and your business. As we navigate these times we will be doing everything we can to ensure our community stays healthy and vibrant. We can all get through this together! Best wishes to you and please stay safe.


Eric & Lynn Bazarnic